Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, there it is--all 245 pages. I read this last chapter--Goodbye--at each of my Dad's memorials. I thought each time how wonderful it was that he had left this gift, his own eulogy almost. After having transcribed the whole book--it gains greater context and seems like even more of a gift than it did before--the whole book does. It feels to me like he left a part of himself with me, with all of us, something almost tangible. The anniversary of his death is in 9 days.

Thank-you readers for coming on this journey with me. It has not always been pleasant (at least for me) but has been ultimately extremely moving and fulfilling. Peace.

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  1. And what a journey it's been! I knew the end was coming, and I dreaded it the way I always dread the end of a good book. I could never tell you what this-- hanging out with my long lost, childhood cousin-- has meant to me. He definetly helped me through a long, cold winter. So, thank you Sarah..... and peace to you.