Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reflection on Frog

The Frog stories make me laugh and cringe. The reminders of my grandfather's alcoholism, of my father's love affairs with substances, of all the missteps, acting-outs, and regrets I've accrued while playing at being "free" while getting drunk--these thing get handed down like some sort of broken heirloom.
I had heard, numerous times, the story of the sunny-day-baseball punishment. I don't think my dad ever fully got over the injustice and the arbitrary nature of it being handed down by an authority with impunity. He says as much. I do know, however that he came to a place with my grandfather, shortly before my grandfather, Ray senior, died of cancer, that was saturated with understanding, appreciation and deep respect and that he did not spend he years between his father's death and his own bitter, angry, or resentful of the man my grandfather was.
There are a few more Frog stories to come before the narrative moves on the next (equally as entertaining, absurd, and painful) chapter of my dad's life. I will post them early next week, life permitting.

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