Monday, October 19, 2009


Its a strange sensation, a bit repulsive and sideways funny to hear my dad boast about gonorrhea and Mexican hookers. He does really seem to revel in the idea that he was a bit of a romantic rebel, something of a rake, jaunty, a little self-destructive and bad-ass. Flouting authority, and tellin' it like it is. He seemed to feel as though, in retrospection, it would be worthwhile? entertaining? or what? for us to watch as he rolled around in the mud, because we all know that, ultimately he rose above this, or could even then, while reading philosophy and being older-soldier-adviser appreciate a 'higher' sensibility? These stories left me uncomfortable and uninspired. Maybe they are more 'guy stories' or maybe they are just kind of banal. At any rate I'm looking forward to moving forward.

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